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Author should read the author guidelines and provide the required file before going to the next submission step. Author and all co-authors should fill in the conflict of interest declaration form.

Author can be able submit the article to the system after uploading the cover letter, declaration of conflict interest, and author’s data with title page on pdf format. (The letters can be downloaded in the system or here). Author and co-author(s) should be included because single author is not allowed. Beside submitting the whole article (from title to references) to the system, author should upload the original soft file (incuding Table and Figures) in Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx). Tables/figures should be converted to image format (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, or .bmp). The tables/figures uploaded to the system should be separated with the article. The article should provide no more than 2500 words (starts from introduction to discussion).

After the article submission succeed, please wait for further notifications from the administrators for the next submission step.      


Download IJIHS Template and Instruction for Author


Instruction to Authors

International Journal of Integrated Health Sciences (IJIHS) promotes medical reseach for clinician, basic scientists and others who treat and investigate problems of health and medicine. The Journal's mission is to publish peer-reviewed original scientific articles in clinical and laboratory research relevant to basic science and clinical medicine.

Manuscripts containing original material are accepted for consideration. Manuscripts will not be acceptable for publication unless they meet the following editorial requirements.

Basic requirements for articles submitted to The International Journal of Integrated Health Sciences are:

  • Written in the form of the Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journal established by the International Commettee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE)
  • Original work
  • Has never been published previously
  • All papers submitted involving human subjects must obtain signed informed consent from the subjects

 Types of articles:

  • Research article. Full length clinical research, basic medical, and community research not longer than 20 printed pages (double spaced, A4 size sheets, font Times new roman size 12)
  • Case reports. Article about case in medicine and health science that need to be disseminated. The format consists of title, abstract, introduction, case, discussion, and references.
  • Review articles. Review articles on some current science. Format consists of title, abstract, introduction, contents, and references.



Article will be published in US English.

Article must be submitted in the following structural order:

Page 1, Title Page and authorship: provide the full title, full name, highest awarded academic degree, and institutional affiliation of each author. Indicate a corresponding author for reprints, and give full contact information. The title of the article is no longer than  40 spaces and letters (no abbreviation).

Page 2, Structured Abstract and Key Words: The abstract should generally include the following headings: Objective, Design, Method, Results, and Conclusions. A journal abstract should contain sufficient information about a trial to serve as an accurate record of its conduct and findings, providing optimal information about the trial within the space constraints and format of a journal. The abstract should also emphasize new and important aspects of the study or observation and tract may not exceed 250 words. Below the abstract provide 3 to 5 key words or short phrases that will assist indexers in cross-indexing the article.

Page 3, the manuscipt: The text of observational and experimental articles is divided into the following sections: Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion (IMRAD). Authors are strongly encouraged to limit article length to 3500 words for effective and efficient communication. Article length does not include the running title, title page, abstract, or references. A maximum of 4 total tables and figures is allowed. The spelled-out abbreviation followed by the abbreviation in parenthesis should be used on first mention unless the abbreviation is a standard unit of measurement. Begin references on a new page.

Tables. Should be typed double-spaced, and they should be titled and numbered in Arabic numerals  in the order of their first citation in the text.

Photos/images. Photos / images should be numbered in accordance with the appearance in the text.

References should be numbered consecutively in the order in which they are first mentioned in the text.

Examples of References  

Journal Article
Lawlor DA, Nelson SM. Effect of age on decision about the  numbers of embryos to transfer in assisted conception: a prospective study. Lancet 2012;379:521–7.

References with more than 6 authors:
Polanco FR, Dominquez DC, Grady C, Stoll P, Ramos C, Mican JM, et al. Conducting HIV research in racial and ethnic minority communities: building a successful interdisciplinary research team. J Assoc Nurses AIDS Care. 2011;22(5):388–96.

An organization as a source
WHO. Rubella vaccines: WHO position paper-recommendations. Vaccines. 2011;29(48):8767–8.

Without author
Role of diagnostic imaging in early diagnosis and stage determination of rheumatoid arthritis.Clin Calcium. 2011;21(7):949–53.

Volume with supplement
Van Spronsen FJ, Huijbregts SC, Bosch AM, Leuzzi V. Cognitive, neurophysiological, neurological and psychosocial outcomes in early-treated PKU-patients: a start toward standardized outcome measurement across development. Mol Genet Metab. 2011;104 (Suppl 1):S45–51.

Edition with suplement
Dietz CA, Nyberg CR. Genital, oral, and anal human papillomavirus infection in men who have sex with men. J Am Osteopath Assoc. 2011;111(3 Suppl 2):S19–25.

Fritz M, Speroff L. Clinical gynecologic endocrinology and infertility. 8th ed. Philadelphia: Wolters Kluwer Lipponcott Williams & Wilkins; 2011.

Munro M, Brill A, Parker W. Gynecologic endoscopy. In: Berek J, eds. Berek & Novak's gynecology. 14th ed. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins; 2007.p.749-804.

Conference proceeding
Nicolai T. Homeopathy. Proceedings of the Workshop Alternative Medicines; 2011 November 30; Brussels. Belgium. Belgium: ENVI; 2011.

Paper in conference
Tirilly P, Lu K, Mu X. Predicting modality from text quiries for medical image retrieval.In: Cao Y, Kalpathy-Cramer J, Unay D, editors. MM 11. Proceeding of The 2011 International ACM Workshop on Medical Multimedia Analysis and Retrieval; 2011 Nov 28–Dec 01; Arizona, USA. New York: ACM; 2011. p. 7–12.

American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Headlines in reproductive medicine. Available at: External link http://www.asrm.org/headlines/Accessed May 6, 2010.

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